About Re4m.Life

About Re4m.Life

Making healthy habits achievable.

We’ve all had that experience of going to the doctor (or dentist, or therapist, or gym…) and being told that if we can just make one or two “simple” changes, our health would be a lot better. Unfortunately, it turns out that tweaking our habits is a LOT harder than it seems. Exercise? I’m really busy though. Floss? I can never remember. Meditate? It’s not for me. After years of working with people and experiencing these roadblocks over and over, re4m.life founders Katie Arfa and Lauren Ngo realized that there was no system in place to solve this problem and re4m.life was born.

At re4m.life our goal is to improve societal health by bridging the gap between habits that professionals recommend and what actually happens in real life. We offer different programs and services that accommodate each unique person’s needs and help them overcome the obstacles they face on the way to achieving optimal physical and mental health.

We believe:

In science. We know the research and apply it to everything we do. We use physiological science to transform people from the inside out. We use psychological science to help people reform their lives in ways that other approaches can’t.

In the mind-body connection.  Your brain affects your body and your body affects your brain. Who knew?

In meeting people where they’re at.  Results are achieved in helping you live your best life. Not your neighbor’s best life or your yoga instructor’s best life. Your finish line is not my finish line.

In 4 pillars of health: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress.  When these pillars are check boxes in your life, you’re always on the right track.

In teams and families. We think treatment teams are the way to go. Health works better when everyone stays in their lane but is on the same page, right? As for families–we all have one, whether we’re connected through “Friendsgiving” or genes. We think it’s important that those folks understand and support what you’re working on.

Developing the power to reform our lives can be tricky, but it’s absolutely achievable with the right knowledge and guidance. After all, what do we have if we don’t have health?